Why Do I Tab Pages in My Books?


The number one question I receive on my bookstagram is “Why do you tab your pages?” To be honest I never really gave it much thought; if I liked something I read, I’d place a little tab on the page. But there are a few reasons I do it, so I figure I’d share it with you! Please note I’m NOT a professional reviewer at all! This is all just something I love to do!

I like quotes:

Have you ever read a quote that’s so beautiful (or sometimes funny) that speaks to your soul? If so, I like to make a note of that. Sometimes I’ll include it in a book review or sometimes I just like to “bank” it in my bookish memory.

Information that could be relevant for reviewing:

This is the biggest reason I began tabbing my books. Sometimes I’ll read 2-3 books at a time, and recently they’ve been ARCs, so I want to make sure I’m relaying the correct information when it comes time to post my reviews. It helps me refer back to important themes or passages. I also keep a notebook nearby to jot down any key points I want to remember for reviewing.

To color code or not to color code?

Ah, another question I get a lot. No, I don’t color code. I know lots of people who do, though! I’ve seen people use different colored page tabs to identify quotes they liked, which character said a certain quote, or they designate just one color for informational purposes. It’s really up to you!

Highlighting, notating, underlining?

I know marking in books can be so taboo! I’ll admit I was terrified to mark my pages, but you know what? This is your book. Do whatever you want with it. Worse comes to worse, you can replace it with a new copy (given that it’s not a limited edition or whatever lol). Like a passage or quote? Highlight or underline it! Want to express your thoughts? Go ahead and notate those margins! Afraid of something too permanent? You can find pens with erasable ink on Amazon. Highlighter tape that’s removable exists. I don’t mark my pages often since I prefer just using page flags, but there’s something about marking books that feels liberating!

I know for some of you this is all obvious information, but I hope it was still somewhat helpful. Do I always go back to these tabs? No. Sometimes I never refer back to those tabs ever again when I’m writing a review. And sometimes I’m constantly flipping through the book during review time. I think it just depends on the genre and subject material!

Tell me, do you tab or mark your books? Why? 🙂




18 thoughts on “Why Do I Tab Pages in My Books?

  1. I am 100% someone who loves to tab and mark up their books like their is no tomorrow. I started out just tabbing my books and not writing anything on the pages but then I slowly moved to actually highlighting and once I did that, writing on the pages came quite easily! But weirdly enough it still takes me a bit longer to start writing into my hardcovers than it does my paperbacks. I’ll usually take like a second or so and then I’m good to go. xD

    As far as color coding goes, I keep going back and forth between color coding my tabs and just using whatever color is currently closet. Sure, color coding helps with finding stuff again later on but it often looks so much more aesthetically pleasing when it’s all one color or at least like a block of the same color before switching to a different color.

    And as far as doing ‘obvious’ posts, those are usually the most helpful ones even though you might not think so in the beginning! So, do keep them coming! 😉


  2. I just started tabbing books for quotes I like. I think it started because I loved all these quotes from ACOMAF but could never remember which page they were on. I had to keep flipping through the book to find them. So now Ive started tabbing. I can’t mark up my books though! 😃

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  3. I actually started tabbing my books after seeing you do it! It had never occurred to me to do it before, but it’s such a good idea. I’m constantly flipping through books to find quotes or sections I liked, but I could never find them and would just get distracted reading whatever page I landed on. Now it’s so much easier!

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  4. I also used to be horrified at people who wrote in their books, but I started doing it recently with paperbacks and never looked back. It’s such a nice way to add an additional personal touch to your book collection. And I’m also a compulsive tabber! My only issue with it is taking them all off afterwards because I don’t like leaving them on.

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  5. I really want to get into tabbing my books, especially for reviews! Love this post! But, I don’t think I could ever write or highlight my books. Not ready to make that step.

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  6. I got used to doing this when I was at college then carried on with my personal reading, I wish I had colour-coded them though because doing essays on books with dozens of tabs got a bit confusing! Now I’m finished I can just tab quotes that I like 🙂

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