ARC Tour: The Leading Edge of Now by Marci Lyn Curtis


ARC provided by Kids Can Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

ARC tour hosted by Victoria @ The Petite Book Blogger.


Book: The Leading Edge of Now

Author: Marci Lyn Curtis

Pages: 336

Genre: YA contemporary

Publication Date: September 4, 2018

My rating: ★★★★

Goodreads Synopsis:

Just when Grace is beginning to get used to being an orphan, her estranged uncle suddenly comes forward to claim her. That might have been okay if he’d spoken to her even once since her father died. Or if moving in with Uncle Rusty didn’t mean returning to New Harbor.

Grace once spent the best summers of her life in New Harbor. Now the place just reminds her of all she’s lost: her best friend, her boyfriend and any memory of the night that changed her forever.

People say the truth will set you free, but Grace isn’t sure about that. Once she starts looking for it, the truth about that night is hard to find — and what happens when her healing hurts the people she cares about the most?

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this book because the synopsis was vague. During the first few chapters I was expecting some sort of summery coming-of-age story about a teenage girl who is trying to rebuild her life after her father’s death.

Well, that certainly does happen, but it is way heavier and darker than I anticipated. And while I was not quite enjoying the beginning of the book, I really ended up feeling greatly impacted by the events that unfolded.

Which leads me to trigger warnings: sexual abuse, rape, loss of a parent.

The Leading Edge of Now tells us the story of Grace, a high school senior who moves in with her uncle two years after her father’s death. Grace ends up living in the same neighborhood as her ex-best friend and her ex-boyfriend. And not only is she reeling from her past relationships and the death of her father, but she’s carrying the burden and guilt of a very traumatic event: one night she was raped while she was on Ambien.

Here the story unfolds into what takes us into a deep, emotional roller coaster of Grace’s inner turmoil. She cannot remember what happened that night yet she feels like it is her fault; that she feels the need to apologize to everyone who tries to help her. How for two years she lived with the fear that her rapist was someone she knew well. I feel like this is so relevant to our current society and the #metoo movement. Grace was afraid to come forward to the police, she was afraid to speak up, and she was afraid of the judgment. My heart seriously broke so many times.

Yet this story had many uplifting moments as Grace’s relationships with her friends, ex, and family start to bloom again. And while it all doesn’t happen over night, little by little she is able to open up and try to live her best life.

I absolutely loved the author’s writing and, despite the heavy topics, she sprinkled in so much witty humor. And even though the beginning was a bit of a rocky start for me, I truly appreciated the gorgeous writing and how Grace’s feelings were handled sensitively yet truthfully.

I want to thank Victoria @ The Petite Book Blogger for hosting this ARC tour, and to Marci Lyn Curtis for writing this heartfelt book about love, loss, and healing.


Marci Lyn Curtis is the author of young adult dramedies THE ONE THING and THE LEADING EDGE OF NOW. She lives near Tampa, Florida with her husband. You can find out more about Marci on her website (, on Twitter (@Marci_Curtis), on Instagram (@marcilyncurtis), or on Facebook (marcilyncurtis).




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