I Joined Booktube!

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Hi, friends! I wanted to officially announce that I joined the booktube community! It’s been something I’ve been thinking about doing since 2016 (but I never uploaded those videos because… yikes… haha.) I finally made it a goal for 2019 and am so glad I did!

Click here to subscribe! 🙂

I’m still learning so much, so please pardon my rambling, awkwardness, or if I leave out pertinent info in my videos. I sometimes have a lot of trouble gathering my thoughts, but I hope I’ll feel more comfortable over time. Also, this past week I have been in iMovie hell. So if my blog seems quiet, it’s because I’m still learning how to edit and manage my time between blogging, bookstagram, reading, reviewing, and doing book club, all while still engaging with everyone! 🙂 I will still write reviews here and (for now) I’m still going to do Top Ten Tuesdays!

So if you’re a fan of videos instead of blog posts, I’d be so honored if you subscribed to my channel! At the moment I’ve uploaded some “typical” booktuber videos such as TBRs, hauls, and wrap ups. But I’m planning to expand more and offer book recommendations, mash up reviews, and the occasional reading vlog!

I’m so humbled and grateful for all the support I’ve already received over the past week. Your kind words of encouragement have meant so much to me.

I hope you will give my channel a chance, and if there are any video ideas you would like to see me do, please leave me a comment! ❤



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