Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey


Book provided by HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review.

Whoa, buddy. This book. THIS BOOK.

So if you don’t know, I recently started a booktube channel, and a few months ago I posted a video about my thoughts on cute, illustrated covers. These covers have been very popular in the adult romcom, romance, and “chick lit” (ugh, I don’t like that term) genres. But I also feel like they’re a bit… misleading? I mean, they’re definitely appropriate for the chick lit and romcom books, but sometimes these cute covers are masking more “serious” books, or in this case… a rather steamy, smutty romance. Haha! (Please know I mean no shade in this regard! I love these covers, and I much prefer them over the half-naked people lmao.)

Fix Her Up may look cute on the outside, but be prepared for all the steaminess in this book. And I’m not just talking about explicit sex scenes; there’s also a ton of explicit ‘talk’. Like wow, I need an ice bath after reading all that banter between Georgie and Travis!

Alright, let’s back up a bit. This story stars Georgie. She’s the youngest of three siblings, and even though she’s 23 years old, her family still treats her like a kid. She’s also a professional clown, which adds to how she gets treated by close friends and fam. Georgie has always had a crush on Travis. Travis is her brother’s best friend but also a former professional baseball player. After an injury, Travis no longer plays, and he lands a temporary job working for Georgie’s family’s home renovation business.

In order to “look good” for a potential new job interview, which will put Travis back in the baseball industry, he and Georgie agree to fake date. He wants to appear like a reliable man who isn’t a playboy anymore (his nickname was Two Bats. Like, wow.)

Okay, so the fake dating trope is already a favorite of mine. And I’d even say their romance is a bit ‘taboo’ in terms of how Georgie’s brother does not want Travis dating his little sister. But there’s also so much good in this, and character growth, too! Georgie, her sisters, and friends band together to support each other. I loved how these characters found ways to grow in realistic ways, and I appreciated the girl power message!

So, in a nutshell, this is such a great romcom, but be prepared for all the steamy talk and… actions. If explicit sexytimes isn’t your cup of tea, then you might want to skip this. But I had such a great time reading about Georgie and Travis, and watching their relationship evolve. And getting to chat and gush about this book with my friends was a huge bonus! ❤

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