Well Played (Well Met, #2) by Jen DeLuca

ARC provided by Berkley Romance in exchange for an honest review

Help! I’m a sucker for Renaissance faire romances set in small towns with soft characters and cute friendships :’)

We get to follow Stacey in this sequel/companion novel to Well Met. Well Met was one of my favorite reads of 2019, so I was extra excited for the opportunity to read this one early. I was already in love with the small town setting, and was so pleased to see we get to go back to the Ren faire.

This book had everything I wanted: cozy book shops with a cafe, book clubs, the Ren faire, a cute romance, and themes of friendships and found families. Oh, and if you were a fan of Emily and Simon from the first book, you’ll be happy to know they play major roles in this one, too! But, this story is about Stacey and her accidental friends-to-lovers journey with Daniel. It’s quite the ride, but I should warn you that there is a lot of catfishing going on. So I understand if that may make you feel uncomfortable! (Think: Cyrano de Bergerac…’ish.)

I truly loved this sequel a lot, though! And I cannot wait for Well Matched, where we’ll get to follow Mitch and April! (April quickly became one of my favorite characters since the first book!)

TW: catfishing, talk of a past heart attack, talk of loss of a family member, talks of body image.

Buddy read with Melanie! 💗

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