Review Policy

Due to medical reasons I have taken a break from reviewing. You may still see me post a review here and there, but for the most part I’ve taken a big step back so I can focus on recovery. Thank you for your understanding!

My 5-Star Rating System:

5 stars: I really loved it. I had fun reading it, I want to discuss it and recommend it to everyone! Even if I had a few problems with the book, overall I loved it very much and will sing my praises!

4 stars: I still loved it, but there may have been a few things that missed the mark for me. I definitely recommend it.

3 stars: A “middle of the road” read. I liked it, but there may have been something missing with the characters, themes, or plot. I would still recommend it.

2 stars: We are getting into “reading slump territory.” This book may not be right for me. Either it had problematic themes or I just wasn’t invested enough in the story.

1 star: I did not like it. I may have found it boring or offensive.